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Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 10:35AM EDT
What are Member Administrators?
Member Administrators help manage and organize the RallyPoint community. This article will explain how one becomes a Member Administrator, and what authority they carry. 

How does one become a Member Admin?

When a member surpasses 50,000 Influence Points, he/she should receive an email informing them that that they may be eligible to become a Member Admin. If they are interested in taking on this role, and meet the qualifications listed below, they should reply letting RallyPoint know of their interest.

Other individuals who qualify are also strongly encouraged to write to and apply at any time they feel ready to become a Member Admin. Lastly, existing Member Admins can also nominate candidates. 

What are the qualifications to become a Member Administrator?
To be eligible, one must be a Blue Ribbon member. This is because Blue Ribbon members have a fully complete profile and therefore provide transparency into who they are and their background. Members must have also earned at least 50,000 Influence Points, indicating thorough experience engaging within the community.

Lastly, members must be recognized by RallyPoint as someone who will properly contribute in the role of Member Administrator. This includes activity such as a history of the following; reporting insightful recommendations about the site, reporting critical bugs, helping to improve the RallyPoint Universe organizational structure, and providing helpful feedback about new features and ideas.

How do you measure Member Administrator contributions?

Member Administrators receive "Community Points" when taking positive steps to help the RallyPoint community. One can view the Member Administrator contributions at the bottom of the Leaderboard. Community Points are awarded when taking positive actions such as closing duplicate threads, organizing question tags, removing inappropriate pictures, etc.

How do you determine how many Stars each Member Administrator receives?

New Member Administrators will generally start with 1-Star. As they accumulate Community Points, points only admins can gain, they will be eligible for "promotion" and greater administrator rights. 

Admins are only able to come in with higher stars if they meet a minimum number of influence points:
  • 1-Star: 50,000
  • 2-Star: 100,000
  • 3-Star: 250,000
  • 4-Star: 500,000
Note: RallyPoint employees are given initial 4-Star access in order to perform their duties. 

What are the Member Administrator Rights?

For helping RallyPoint maintain its standards and organized, admins are awarded additional Influence Points

1-Star Member Administrator Rights
  • Close duplicate threads (+15 Points)
  • Update question tags for organizational purposes (+10 Points)
  • Send and receive messages from any RallyPoint member. Tag and be tagged by any RallyPoint member. 

2-Star Member Administrator Rights
  • 1-Star Member Administrator Rights plus;
  • Remove inappropriate responses/comments (0 Points)
  • Convert Answers to Links or Updates
  • Enforce Question Title Guidelines (+3 Points)

3-Star Member Administrator Rights
4-Star Member Administrator Rights
  • 3-Star Member Administrator Rights plus;
  • Edit Question descriptions to make them more relevant (0 Points)
  • Suspend member accounts (primarily to manage fake accounts) (+5 Points)
  • Verify Members (+20 Points)

5-Star Member Administrator Rights
  • 5-Star Member Administrator is an authorized rank, but not currently in use

Are Member Administrators held to a different standards?
Member Administrators cannot leverage their Member Admin status for anything outside the explicitly stated responsibilities of the Member Admin. If there is a perception that a Member Admin engaging in controversial or polarizing topics is blurring the lines of personal opinions and official RallyPoint administration, the Member Admin may be asked to either refrain from engaging in those topics or otherwise relinquish Member Admin authority in order to avoid a perceived conflict of interest.

How do you manage the Member Administrators? Who watches the watchers?

RallyPoint management is very active within the community and audits actions taken by Member Administrators. RallyPoint management may overrule certain actions taken by Member Administrators. If a Member Administrator is overruled, they lose Community Points. If enough Community Points are lost, a Member Administrator may be demoted in position, or eventually lose all Member Administrator rights. To report a complaint about any Member Administrator actions, please email us at

Admin Term Limits
Being a RallyPoint administrator does take time and commitment. The position is awarded for specific term length, which depends on the level of Admin status. Admin status may be renewed at the end of the term if the admin has maintained a sufficient level of activity. 

I have an idea on how to improve the Community. Who do I write to?
All policies regarding RallyPoint Basics can be found in
 RP 3-1

Feel free to write us with feedback anytime.

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