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Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018 11:39AM EDT
There are three ways members can create content on RallyPoint: questions, links, and personal updates.
Asking a Question
  • Questions should be very specific and be used as a tool to crowd source an answer to a particular problem or issue.
  • Do not share a link or make a statement and convert it to a general question like ‘Have you seen?’ ‘Have you heard?’ ‘Did you know?’ ‘Are you aware of…?’ etc. 
  • Questions are permanent and intended to help both the poster and readers in the future, so please consider this when choosing to post a question versus just a personal update. For this reason, please do not ask a question about a current news event like "Did you see the debate last night?"
  • The new “Questions/Answers” is a knowledge base for future generations. A good rule of thumb on whether it's an appropriate question is whether somebody in the future is likely to have a similar question.
  • If you would like to share links to current affairs, news, or other web sites, please use the "Share Link" feature described below.
  • Asking Questions should not be used as a support channel for RallyPoint. If you are having a specific issue or question about RallyPoint, the proper channel is to email; do not ask a question. For example, "How do I find who voted on my post?" or "Is anyone else having trouble voting today?" If you need assistance or information, please email
  • Please see the existing page on appropriate questions for more information. 

Who will see my question?

Questions will appear in the feed with a blue border. Your question will be seen by:
  • Your connections
  • Members who follow the groups tagged within the question
  • People who are connected to members that comment and respond to your question
  • All questions, from all members, can still be seen by going to the "Answers" page

"How long does it take to get promotion orders from HRC?"
Sharing a Link
  • Share as many links as you want even if one of your connections has already shared it!
  • Like "Answers," only tag the appropriate groups. You can view the RallyPoint tagging guidelines here.
  • Do not share links to inappropriate pages. 
  • Add optional comment or question about your link. This is recommended but not a requirement.

Who will see my link?

Links will appear in the feed with an orange border. Your link will be seen by:
  • Your connections
  • Members who follow the groups tagged within the link
  • Connections that are mentioned in the link
  • People who are connected to members that comment on your link


"I saw this great article today and it got me thinking. What do you think?"

Posting an Update
  • Share anything you want! A thought, an general statement, what you're doing or how you're feeling. Whatever you like!
  • Questions and statements that are strictly social should be posted as an Update, not within Answers. 
  • Post long form text and stories.  

Who will see my update?

Updates will appear in the feed with a green border. Your link will be seen by:
  • Your connections
  • Connections that are tagged in the post
  • People who are connected to members that comment on your update


"Wishing the RallyPoint Community a happy Thanksgiving! What's everyone doing today?"
"Tell me about the time something funny happened to you while in the service."

Please refer to our page regarding procedures for members who abuse or misuse the new updates feature.

All policies regarding RallyPoint Basics can be found in
 RP 3-1

Feel free to write us with feedback anytime.

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