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Managing promotions and prior service ranks

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 12:10PM EDT
Included In this Article:
  • Changing a Rank within a Pay Grade
  • Changing a Rank to Another Branch of Service
  • Adding Prior Service Experience
  • Removing a rank
  • Changing rank to Officer after Commissioning
  • Adding Prior Service Enlisted Rank while at a Service Academy
  • Adding Prior Service Officer Rank

Changing a Rank within a Pay Grade
If the wrong rank is being displayed for a specific pay grade within your profile, you can easily make the appropriate change.

Click on the rank in your profile that you need to change and select the correct rank from the drop down menu. If you are unable to click on the drop down menu this means that there is no alternative rank available for the pay grade within your branch of service.


Changing a Rank to Another Branch of Service
To change a previous rank if you served in a different branch of service, click on the rank you want to change then click "Select from other service" on the right side. This will allow you to select to service you wish to change your rank to. Click "Save" when you're done.


Adding Prior Service Experience
Click on "Add Prior Service" on the right side of the promotions section on your profile. 
Select the appropriate rank and promotion date from the drop down menus and click "Save."


Removing a rank
To prevent errors, RallyPoint only allows you to remove your most junior and most senior ranks. You cannot remove ranks in between others. However, if you do need to remove a rank from the middle of your promotion history, you can just remove the most senior rank and repeat the process until you've worked your way to the rank you wish remove (you can add the senior ranks back in afterwards if necessary).

Click on the rank you wish to remove and click "Remove this rank" from the right. Be sure to click "Save" when you're done.


Changing rank to Officer after Commissioning
If you just got commissioned out of a pre-commissioning program, congratulations! To update your rank and specialty go to your profile and click on edit in the top right. Select your new branch and specialty and click "Update Profile." Your new O-1 rank should now be on your profile!
Adding Prior Service Enlisted Rank while at a Service Academy

At the moment, RallyPoint cannot display prior enlisted service ranks in your profile if you are currently a student at a service academy. We are aware of this issue and will work to resolve this to allow our cadets and midshipmen with prior to service to properly display those ranks.

Adding Prior Service Officer Rank (desktop)
*on mobile you will be able to add prior service officer rank as you would add any other prior service.

If you are listed as an officer on RallyPoint, you can only add a Prior Service rank of enlisted or warrant. To add a prior service officer rank from another service, follow these steps:
1. Change your branch to your prior service branch
2. Add any officer promotions from the branch to your profile by click "Add+"
3. Change your branch back to your current branch

All policies regarding your RallyPoint Profile can be found in
 RP 3-1

Feel free to write us with feedback anytime.

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