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How do I manage my privacy settings? Who can see my profile?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2016 01:39PM EDT
RallyPoint allows you full control over who sees your profile, and even who sees specific sections of your profile.

NOTE: Privacy settings cannot be managed from the mobile site or app at this time. 

Default Settings

Current Serving Military: can see other currently serving military members and veterans/retirees. The profile of verified service members is only visible to other verified members of RallyPoint.

Veterans/retirees: can only see other veteran/retirees, service members (if the account is verified), and their own profile is public.

To Control who can see your profile, first go to your settings page:


Manage who can see your basic information
Your basic information includes your name and your profile picture. You can decide who can see your full name, partial name (first name and last initial), or no name at all.


Manage who can view your profile information
Your profile information includes additional content that you have filled out on your profile. You can decide who sees what by section, but cannot control individual pieces of information (such as different deployments or experiences).

Some definitions to understand:

"Only Me" - Only you can see this information. Nobody else
"My Contacts" - Only those you accepted a contact invitation from (or accepted yours) can see this information
"Active Military" - Only those who are currently serving can see this information
"Active Military & Veterans" - Both those currently serving and veteran can see this information
"Public" - Anyone on the internet can see this information, your profile will appear in internet searches.

Manage who can see your personal information

You can manage who sees your personal information directly from your profile page.
When viewing/editing your own profile, you can adjust the privacy setting for evert filed without your own Personal Information section. This means that you can specifically control who sees individual fields like your home town and interests. Just click on the lock symbol to adjust.

Please note that your own updates may appear in your Updates feed, even if you set them to "Only Me" -- rest assured others cannot see them.

Many people choose to receive email notifications when other members engage with their content (i.e. commenting on posts, voting). Your name will be visible in these emails regardless of your privacy settings. Therefore, please be aware that if you choose to vote or comment on a post, the person you vote or comment on may see your name. 

See how unverified members view your profile here.
All policies regarding the RallyPoint My Settings page can be found in
 RP 3-1

Feel free to write us with feedback anytime.

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