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Last Updated: Jan 02, 2018 05:03PM EST
What are Groups?
Groups help RallyPoint members find and connect with other members based on shared interest, experience, service history, and other points of affinity. Groups also enable RallyPoint members to find the content of most interest to them and ask questions to a targeting segment of the RallyPoint community.

How do I find groups?

As you fill out your RallyPoint profile you are automatically connected to groups based on rank, branch, specialty, duty position, unit, duty station, deployments, schools, certifications, interests, etc. You can navigate to these groups directly from your profile, or by using the search tool to find other groups you may not automatically be a part of but find interesting.

How do I post a discussion to a group page?

If you start a discussion from a group page, your post will automatically be exclusively posted to that group and your contacts. Simply click the blank box under the top bar on any group page and share your content.

If you are on the "Germany" group page and want to ask a question about bringing a family to Germany for a PCS move, you can start a discussion from this page and target everyone located in Germany.

Only share posts in groups pages that are specific to the topic (e.x. do not post a discussion explicitly about sports on the "jobs" group page) and please do not use pages to reach members who you feel should see your posts (e.x. posting a job to the OIF group page or PO3 rank page). By abusing the tagging and group pages this way, you are deciding what you feel members should see instead of allowing members to see what they have chosen based on the groups they've elected to follow. 


When should I post to a group page instead of the Answers forum?
1. If you are interested in responses from only a specific group of people. If you are asking a question specific to members currently at a certain duty station, you may want to post only to that duty station's group.

2. If your question is not appropriate for the general Answers forum. This includes surveys, job opportunities, job fairs, and posts asking for financial assistance or fundraising. All discussions falling into these categories should be posted only to the relevant group as they will be removed from Answers.

How do I follow or save a group?

You can follow a group directly from the group page using the "+ Follow" button.

You can also follow groups by hovering over any tagged group in Answers and clicking the "+ Follow" button.
When you follow a group you will received notifications about discussions started in the group.

 What are Logos and Canvas images?
Check out our support page here.

All policies regarding RallyPoint Basics can be found in
 RP 3-1

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