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Tagging (mentioning) other RallyPoint members

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2016 01:59PM EDT
What is member tagging/mentioning?

You can tag (or mention) another RallyPoint member when posting a question, response, or comment, if you want that member to be notified of your post. Purposes for tagging another member:
  • Provide context by referring to the appropriate RP members
  • Bring them into a discussion
  • Give them credit for an idea or reference that you are using

You can tag anyone who is a contact, any member admin, or anyone already involved in the discussion who is not a contact.

Note: You CANNOT tag or be tagged from a member who you have blocked or have been blocked by. 

Examples of use

  • You post a question or a response and want to make sure that certain RallyPoint members see the question/response, so that they are encouraged to respond and weigh in on the discussion.
  • You post a comment to somebody else's comment, and want to ensure that they are notified of your comment (people who just post a comment are not otherwise notified if you comment on their comment)

How to mention/tag somebody
How to tag a member

  • When posting a question, response, or comment, type their name with the @ symbol at the start of it, and you will see a drop down menu of RP members.
  • Select the RP member you want to tag.
  • A reference to that member will be entered into your post, and it will look like this: [~######:SGT John Doe]. Leave this reference in your text and do not alter it. When you submit the post, it will become a link to that person, and that person will be notified.
  • To tag members when you begin a discussion, please use the appropriate box when prompted instead of adding their names in the description: 

What happens when you mention/tag somebody
  • That person will be linked in your response
  • That person will receive an email notification (pending email settings) that they were mentioned by you, and where
  • That person will receive a push notification if they are using the RallyPoint iPhone App
  • That person will receive +5 Influence Points, in recognition that others find them worthwhile of mentioning.
  • You will receive +2 Influence Points, in recognition for the engagement you are promoting on the site, and the ideas you are contributing.

When NOT to mention somebody
  • If you are responding directly to the a question, there is no need to tag the original question poster, because that person will already receive a notification of your response.
  • If you are commenting directly to a response, there is no need to that the response poster, because that person will already receive a notification of your comment.
All policies regarding the RallyPoint Answers Forum can be found in RP 3-1 Proper Participation and Use of the RallyPoint Answers Forum

Feel free to write us with feedback anytime.


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