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How to Properly Tag Links and Questions

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018 05:11PM EST
Proper Tags help organize our RallyPoint community. They are essential to help our members find the content they're looking for and link similar discussions. When a tag is applied, the people in that group will see it. A good tag means the right people on RallyPoint are seeing the content they want to see, or are the experts able to best crowdsource an answer. 

Guidelines for creating and editing tags:

1. Each Question or Link must have at least one tag, and up to five.

2. RallyPoint has a database of thousands of tags. When starting to type a tag, try to use existing tags by selecting them first from the dropdown menu.

3. If we are missing a tag, you may create your own tag. If enough people create the same tag, then RallyPoint will accept that into our system as a formal tag.

4. Do not use special characters like # or @

5. Do not tag all branches of service, ranks, or deployments in a post. If the content applies to everybody on RallyPoint, then everybody will see it anyway. Instead, tag it with more specific topics to help others find it. Remember, just because something may apply to everyone in a service branch, does not mean the subject of your post is explicitly about that branch. 

6. Do not tag discussions and links with topics because you are part of those groups. For example, if you are an OIF veteran, an Army reserve Captain and Infantry, please do not tag your discussion with "Veteran," "OIF," "CPT," "Army Reserve" and "11A: Infantry Officer."  

7. Only tag content with topics that are specific to your post (e.x. do not tag a 
discussion explicitly about sports with "jobs") and please do not use tags to reach members who you feel should see your post (i.e Using the "OIF" tag a post about a presidential candidate). By abusing the tagging system this way, you are deciding what you feel members should see and not allowing members to see what they have chosen to see based on the groups they've elected to follow. 

User's posting rights will be restricted if the tagging system is abused. The following actions may be taken if repeated violations of the tagging policy occur:
  • ​​Email warnings
  • Closing of discussion or link
  • Restrictions or locks placed on the account including suspension 
  • Reduction of 5,000 influence points
  • Reduction of 10,000 influence points
  • Reduction of 25,000 influence points
  • Reduction of required number of influence points to limit posting privileges

All policies regarding the RallyPoint Answers Forum can be found in RP 3-1 Proper Participation and Use of the RallyPoint Answers Forum

Feel free to write us with feedback anytime.

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