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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017 12:29PM EDT
Remaining Professional on RallyPoint
RallyPoint recognizes that there is a tradeoff between free speech and regulated speech. All service members should know that anything they post on the internet, including social media, may be treated as though they say it in public in front of their chain of command. While RallyPoint is not affiliated with the DoD, for the protection of service members, as well as to maintain a professional community settings, a pattern of unprofessional or intentionally offensive commentary will not be accepted.

How to Report Unprofessional Content

If you identify any individuals that you believe show a consistent pattern of unprofessional behavior, or any single incident of absolutely unacceptable and intentionally offensive behavior:

Down vote all such commentary. This sends an immediate message to that member that their contribution was not valued, and repeated down votes have a very strong influence. 

2) If the pattern continues, you are encouraged to "flag" the member for moderator review. To flag a member, go to their profile and click on the three dots icon (see below). You will then be presented with an option to flag or block the member. Should you choose to flag the member you will see a screen asking for details. Within this screen, you should reference any discussions that contain the content in question. A moderator will quickly review it. If the material is found to be unprofessional, it will likely lead to a warning. A repeated offense may result in suspension from the site. Please note that the person being flagged will not know he/she was flagged by you. Whether flagging or not, you are strongly encouraged to down vote any material you find unprofessional or offensive.

Note: None of the above is intended to suppress opposing views, unpopular views, or diversity of opinions. As long as the point being made is done so professionally, it should be a welcomed contribution, even if it is unpopular. 



See additional details on our posting guidelines here: RallyPoint Answers and Discussion Guidelines

All policies regarding the RallyPoint Answers Forum can be found in RP 3-1 Proper Participation and Use of the RallyPoint Answers Forum

Feel free to write us with feedback anytime.

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