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Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 04:36PM EDT
What is up voting?
Voting up, or "up voting", is a way the community provides feedback that a member's post is helpful, insightful, or otherwise adds value to the community.

When should I vote up?

Whenever you encounter a post that you feel is particularly helpful, either as a question or as a response, you should vote it up. This provides positive feedback for the poster, and gives recognition to the members who add the most value.

How do I vote up?

Anytime you see a "thumbs up" button, click it! Too easy, right? You can undo your vote by clicking on the thumbs up again. After you undo an up vote, you may vote again it up again but you will not receive credit for additional votes.

What happens when I vote up?

First, you receive +3 influence points in recognition of your own contribution to the community. Recipients of all up votes receive significant points as well, based on the following schedule:
  • 50 Influence Points for each of their first received 1,000 up votes
  • 40 Influence Points for their next received 1,001-2,000 up votes
  • 30 Influence Points for all votes they receive after their first 2,000 

When up voting on a response, you move the response higher (based on the default sorting), which means it will be seen by more people as the best response to a question. When voting on a question or comment, the order of the post will not change, but its vote rating will increase by +1. 

When a post receives a net 10, 25, or 50 up votes, the poster receives a bonus badge and extra points, in recognition for providing a particularly helpful post to the community.

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All policies regarding the RallyPoint Answers Forum can be found in RP 3-1 Proper Participation and Use of the RallyPoint Answers Forum

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