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Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016 10:55AM EDT
What is voting down? 
Voting down, or "down voting", is how the community indicates that a member's post is not helpful, productive, or professional. Down votes may also indicate that an opinion is unpopular.

When should I down vote?

Use your down votes whenever you encounter a post that is unprofessional, completely inaccurate, lacks thought, is unrelated to the topic, or obviously does not add value to the conversation.

Some may also choose to down vote because of a very strong difference of opinion. This is definitely your right, although offering an explanation in the form of a response or comment is considered professional courtesy if choosing to vote this way.

How do I vote down?

Members must have a minimum of 15,000 points in order to down vote. This is to prevent people ("trolls") who are not active members of the community from abusing this feature. Click on the thumbs down image below the poster's picture. You can undo your vote by clicking on the same vote button. You can also change your vote to an up vote by clicking on the thumbs up button. You only receive influence points on your first vote for any post, regardless of how many times you undo and redo your votes.

What happens when I vote down?

If down voting a response, then the response will move down the response list and be seen by fewer people, as default sorting is by net vote count. When voting on a question or comment, no position is changed. ​

When down voting, the person you vote on loses 30 influence points. The voter receives 3 influence points. You are permitted 3 down votes per hour on the platform.

What else should I know about down voting?

Many consider it a common courtesy to post a response or a comment (whichever is appropriate) to the person you down voted, explaining why you voted down. This is particularly true if you down voted because of a strong difference of opinion.

Do not use voting for poll purposes (i.e. vote UP if you love America and DOWN if you hate Al Qaeda). These sorts of polls tend to ask one sided and biased questions. If you would like to conduct a poll, just ask your question, and let the best responder receive the up vote credit.

Learn about UP voting

All policies regarding the RallyPoint Answers Forum can be found in RP 3-1 Proper Participation and Use of the RallyPoint Answers Forum

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