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How do I verify my account?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2017 03:42PM EDT

Verifying your account is an essential part of your user experience, as more of the network becomes opened up to you after successful verification.  This process is put in place to protect the data inside our site, to include the data that a specific type of member account can access. Verification of our members helps maintain the integrity of the community, and ensures that the people you are communicating with are legitimate members of the military community.

Guidelines for verifying accounts:

1. RallyPoint only can verify if an individual was IN the United States military, we do not verify service records and profile content ("Stolen Valor"). 

2. If you choose to verify your account, any and all information you add should be as accurate as possible. If you have a verified account, you are also verifying that everything in your profile is accurate and true. 

3. Verified accounts should use full and real names. If you are concerned about privacy and OPSEC please change your privacy settings instead. 

4. Accounts may be un-verified if information was proven to be false or inaccurate. 

3 options to verify your account: 

1. Military, not DoD civilian, (i.e [name] email address

2. Government Service Record information

3. Documentation submitted via email

To access these options, click the verification prompt in the toolbar (desktop) or select the verification option from the menu (on mobile).  Select the preferred method, and follow the appropriate instructions below.


1) Military email address

If you have a current .mil email address, you can enter it in the field provided. You will receive a verification email at that address with a link specially created for you. Just click the link and your account will be verified!



  • If you did not receive a verification email, please send an email FROM your .mil account TO and provide us with your RallyPoint login email address. We'll take care of the rest.


  • If you received your verification email, but the link isn't working for you, please forward your RallyPoint verification link FROM your .mil address TO and we will take care of it for you.


2) Government Service Record Information

Anyone who has served active duty days since 1985 can use their government service record to verify their account. Enter your SSN, birthdate, and any date you were actively serving (this doesn't need to be your entry date) and click "Instant Verification!" Dates during which you were serving with a Reserve Component will not work for this method unless you were temporarily on active orders (deployment, school, etc.). The 1985 cut off is not our choice; this is as far back as the government has made this information available.


3) Documentation submitted via email to Please be sure to include a link to your profile when you submit your documentation.

Sensitive information on the document you choose to send (such as SSN) should be redacted.

Service members may send:

  • ID (most popular among serving members)

  • Current set of orders

  • Most recent LES

  • Award/certificate dated within 12 months

Veterans may send:

  • VA ID

  • Past ID

  • DD214

  • An official letter from the VA confirming your status

  • A past LES or pay stub from your service

  • A past military award or certificate that includes sufficient evidence of your service

"Selfie" Policy: Please DO NOT send a picture of yourself in uniform.



If you have any questions about the verification process please ask us at


All policies regarding RallyPoint Basics can be found in
 RP 3-1

Feel free to write us with feedback anytime.

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