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How does the Influence Score work?

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 12:18PM EDT
Your Influence Score is designed to be a reflection of your overall influence as a military member or veteran in the RallyPoint community. It's also a good way to understand the reputation of others that you may be communicating and connecting with on RallyPoint. Influence Score is based on your activity and other people's interactions with you in the community.

Top influencers also receive a badge for being among the top within their peer group. If you are a servicemember, you are compared to your peers within your pay grade. If you are a veteran, you are compared to all other veterans, since rank does not exactly not stay with you after you transition.

Your Influence Score is broken down in three categories.

Network Influence - A reflection of how well connected you are.

Connection Points

Overall Network - This is the net overall score reflecting one's personal network. Members receive points for forming new connections, but also lose points for having an invitation rejected. The strength of the connection also comes into play, with stronger connections counting for more points.

Contacts in All Major Branches - This bonus is unlocked when you have a contact in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. It reflects a joint and diverse network.

Contacts in 5 (or 10) Different Pay Grades - This bonus is unlocked when you connect with 5 (or 10) members of different paygrades. Strong networkers have connections not just among their peers, but across all levels of rank.

Contacts in 5 (or 10) Different Industries - This bonus is unlocked when you connect with veterans working in 5 (or 10) different industries. The industry is displayed on a veteran's experience card immediately after his/her organization (for example, "Defense and Space" or "Telecommunications"). Achieving this bonus is a good signal of a diverse private sector network, which is important when seeking employment outside the military.

Contacts with new Specialty - This is an individual connection bonus if your new contact is in a military specialty you don't already have a connection with. You are more influential if your network spans beyond your own military community.

Contacts in a new Duty Station - This is an individual connection bonus if your new contact is in a location that you didn't previously have a contact, reflecting a geographically diverse network.
Invitation points

Invitations Sent - This is a total number of points you have received for sending invitations. Individuals with a strong pre-existing network will have many people to invite to the platform. 

Invitations Converted - Having an individual accept your invitation is a sign of true influence, as it means they trust your recommendations and are willing to actually take their personal time to try something you recommend.

Invitations Verified - This is a bonus for every person who you invite who goes on to verify his account. The heavy weight on verification is in place to prevent fake account registrations.
Endorsement points

Endorsements Received - To have somebody put their name and rank behind you is very significant, so every endorsement you receives speaks volumes, and counts for many points.

Endorsements Given - Knowing somebody well enough to create an endorsement for them is also a sign of influence, and the person must retain your endorsement for you to keep your influence credit. NOTE: You must be connected with a member to give and endorsement.

Knowledge Influence - A reflection of much knowledge you share, and how others view it. 

Questions Posted - Part of the most important aspect of knowledge is not just having all the answers, but also knowing what questions to ask. You are rewarded for asking questions to the community. 

Responses Posted - This is your opportunity to shine and display your knowledge. You should answer as many questions as you feel well informed enough to respond to.

Comments Posted - Less points for comments, but it is still a reflection of your input to the community, and you can comment as much as you like on the platform and gain points each time.

Votes Casted - Points for when you vote others' posts up or down... as a reward for encouraging the community to better itself and to provide feedback.

Voted Up - The ultimate recognition of your knowledge influence... when somebody votes up your discussion, response, or comment. Learn more about voting up here.

Voted Down - Your opinions won't always be popular, and if somebody votes them down you will be penalized. However, you get a lot more points for an up vote than a down vote, so you should always feel free to speak your mind. Learn more about voting down here.

Bonus - Points to reflect your ability to represent yourself on RallyPoint.

These are all bonuses which reward knowledge of the community, and building your profile in a professional manner so that others can learn more about you. You can also unlock a few bonuses for visiting the different parts of RallyPoint. Lastly, you are also eligible to earn the RallyPoint Blue Ribbon for building a truly exceptional profile. 
All policies regarding RallyPoint Basics can be found in
 RP 3-1

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