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How to find other people on RallyPoint

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2016 12:55PM EDT
RallyPoint is the number one professional networking site for the military.  By using our site to find and connect with active duty and veteran members your career opportunities and support group will expand vastly.  There are three common ways to find your friends and colleagues on RallyPoint... by unit, by location, and by a specific search.

Find people by Search

You can skip the fancy stuff and search for existing RallyPoint members by the criteria you care about (unit, specialty, location, rank, etc.) by using our search bar.  Type in what you are looking for and search options will populate for you.  This is the fastest and the easiest way to find people. 

If you want to search on a more specialized basis, use the drop down menu to the left of the search bar to select the category you would like to search.

The more people we have on RallyPoint, the more powerful the network becomes. So make sure you invite your friends -- the bigger the network -- the better it becomes for everyone.

Find people by units

RallyPoint Universe is an interactive task organization of the entire US military. We built this from scratch using underpaid graduate students working around the clock for many months... so they love seeing people using it. To access it, simply hover over "People" in the header on any page and click "Explore by Units.

Our visualization represents the most comprehensive task organization in the history of the US military and displays your social connections across it. You can see where your friends are and even where their friends are in the military. This makes it extremely easy to get introductions to almost any unit in the military once you build up a decent number of initial connections. Make sure to connect with others you may know.

Here's a 2 minute video explaining RallyPoint Universe. Make sure you're sitting down... this may blow your mind.

RallyPoint Universe

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